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Thank You Very Much!

Posted by EuanBenzie on May 8th, 2011

Everyone at Aberdeen SSP would like to thank the 1,115 people who went out and voted for the SSP in the North East region on May 5th.

 The overall election results in the Scottish Parliament are the most dramatic since the parliament opened in 1999. Despite the SNP’s victory there will still be savage cuts in the public sector. The SSP will continue to fight against all public sector cuts and will put forward our socialist alternative. If you want to join the fightback with the SSP click here.

2 Responses to “Thank You Very Much!”

  1. Armani Hammer Says:

    I didn’t vote for you, I voted for the Green Party.

    But anyway, your fetishism for bourgeois elections proves beyond doubt that you’re just social democrats. Not that I’m against participating in parliamentary elections, however, it is in order to serve an entirely different objective. Whereas, for you the objective seems to be solely in order to get a handful of memebers elected for a genuinely revolutionary party of the Bolsheivik type it is to expose the limitations of bourgeois democracy to the broader working class.

  2. EuanBenzie Says:

    Fair enough but we stood in the election to give the working classes of Scotland a voice, we never elected but lets set the record straight here, the SSP is hitting the streets all over Scotland against the cuts in a more explicit manner than the Green Party. If you oppose cuts and want to become active in your opposition voting Green may not be the greatest answer.

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