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We are the Aberdeen branch of the Scottish Socialist Party.

The Scottish Socialist Party are the party who have been fighting for Free School Meals, for the end of Council Tax to be replaced by a fairer tax, for Free Public Transport and an end to the brutal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The SSP is Scotland’s socialist party that stands for the transformation of society. We fight to replace capitalism with socialism; an economic system based on social need and environmental protection rather than private profit and ecological destruction.

If you want to read a fuller pamphlet about the Scottish Socialist Party, our vision and aims, and our critique of capitalism, then read “Two Worlds Collide” by Alan McCombes here:  http://www.scottishsocialistparty.co.uk/new_pdfs/pamphlet/TwoWorldsCollide.pdf

If you wish to join us or find out more, you can contact us on this website by leaving a comment,email us on the address below, attend a meeting, or use the contact information/joining form on the main party website: http://www.scottishsocialistparty.org/new_stories/furniture/aboutthessp.html

Branch email: aberdeenssp@hotmail.co.uk

Also, see us on our facebook page:


8 Responses to “About and Contact”

  1. Brett Harper Says:

    Hi comrades,

    Any feedback on the suggestions i raised a couple of weeks ago?

    Hope to hear from you soon on this.



  2. Dave Watt (SCND) Says:

    Scottish Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament are holding an Elections Hustings on Friday 30th April at 7.30 to which the candidates from the various parties standing in Aberdeen North have been invited and I was asked to contact yourselves. The venue will be either the Arts Centre or Peacocks Print. Previous hustings of this type have usually generated an audience of around 40-50 people with press coverage. Bearing in mind the SSP’s policy on nuclear weapons and the party’s anti-war stance the audience should be largely positive and if any SSP members wish to come along they will be welcome.
    Could you get back to me on this as soon as is convenient.

    Dave Watt
    SCND Aberdeen

  3. CelticEwan Says:

    Dear David,

    I will be happy to attend, and will pass the invite on to the other Aberdeen members of the SSP.

    Dear Brett,

    Sorry not to have replied properly yet on the matter on having Solidarity members along to one of our meetings. I have to admit that along with election preparations and my/our other committments we’ve not had any significant discussion on the topic yet, but I really will get back to you on this, and apologies again for the delay.

    Kind Regards,


  4. Josh Key Says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I was wondering If it is possible to get some SSP posters as I would love to be able to do my bit to encourage others to send their vote your way.



  5. CelticEwan Says:

    Hi Josh,

    If you are able to make our meeting this Wednesday evening (7.30pm in the Belmont cinema cafe, downstairs), then we could give you any election material then. Other than that, we will be announcing on the website when we are doing stalls if you want to come along and speak to us then, we are always welcoming of newcomers and those wanting to give us a hand.



  6. CelticEwan Says:

    Dear Brett Harper,

    We discussed the issue of meeting with Solidarity members at our branch meeting last night. We are certainly up for meeting and discussing issues of common concern, and having a fraternal relationship between socialist groups in Aberdeen, even if they are not currently within the same formal organisation, is certainly in all of our best interests.

    Currently we are very much occupied with our election campaign, however once the election is over it could be fruitful to meet up then if that is something you would be up for. Nearer the time I can also forward this to you in an email. Finally, if you want to discuss things with us further you are welcome to join our facebook group (link is on the website) and start a discussion with us there.

    Kind Regards,


  7. Dave Watt (SCND) Says:

    Any idea if Aberdeen SSP are going to put in a team for Tuesday’s SCND pub quiz? It’s an annual thing and most of the progressive groups in Aberdeen put in a team or two [as well as the odds and sods teams]. I did send a message about this earlier to Ewan but assumed he and the rest of the comrades were still busy with exams etc.

    It’s at Cafe D’ag at 7.30 on Tuesday & it’s £5 per team. There will be prizes and a raffle.

    Dave W

  8. keith wicks Says:

    Please add Names and Share both thatcher petitions, http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/2979 and http://www.gopetition.com/petition/41746.html

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