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UPDATE (email to Aberdeen SSP): Due to the continuing poor weather, tonight’s meeting has been cancelled. If weather conditions have improved, the meeting will be rescheduled to NEXT Tuesday (7th December), at 7.30pm in the bar of the Belmont Cinema. I will update you on that at the weekend.
I’m sorry for the short notice on this; it did seem like the weather was improving, but the recent forecast suggests more snow to come today and continuing low temperatures, making it dangerous to drive/walk on icy roads/pavements. I’m aware that some of our members travel in from Aberdeen City and I feel it would not be wise for them to do so tonight.
Happy St Andrews day! See you next week,

Aberdeen SSP holds meetings every two weeks where we organise our activities and discuss key political issues of the day. Newcomers are always welcome.  

Finally, for those who were interested in capitalism and the environment after our discussion at a previous last meeting, a list of good resouces can be found here on the Socialist Resistance website: http://climateandcapitalism.com/?page_id=309

14 Responses to “Branch Meetings & Next Meeting”

  1. Pete Matthews Says:


    I was wondering when you next meet as i’m interested in coming along.



  2. CelticEwan Says:

    Hi Pete,

    Our next branch meeting is this Wednesday 10 March in the downstairs cafe of the Belmont cinema from 7.30pm. We will be discussing various topics, including the up and coming general election and our approach to the campaign, so feel free to come along.


    Ewan, Aberdeen SSP

  3. Lewis Says:

    Hi there

    I joined Solidarity when it was formed but will vote SSP if Solidarity doesn’t have a candidate in Aberdeen North. I think it is really sad that we find ourselves in different parties…How can we put that all behind us and move forward together again?



  4. Brett Harper Says:

    Hi Brothers and Sisters,

    I was once a member of the SSP but chose to join Solidarity. I did this being in possession of a number of fact. I made the decision based on what i thought was appropriate and the best thing for Socialism. I did this only after opposing the split.
    Anyway the split has been a bloody disaster for Socialism.
    I call for us to get back together as a unified front! We can do this and hopefully influence other regions to do the same. Lets forget about the hierarchy on both sides and take control of our party.
    We are all socialist and must get back together.
    Can Solidarity members attend SSP meeting to discuss??

  5. CelticEwan Says:

    Dear Solidarity members above,

    As the member currently charged with updating the website, I can only respond at first in a personal capacity. Firstly, I greatly appreciate the sentiments expressed in your messages above. If socialist ideas and politics are to develop and offer a meaningful alternative to society, then socialists need to be able to organise and work together, not against each other, and myself and the wider SSP are absolutely for left unity in Scotland, as well as an internationalist unity further afield. In Aberdeen in particular, even while we are in different left organisations, I have no intention of, and no interest in, sectarian left politics of any kind. Thus even while we are currently in different organisations, I see no reason why we should not be fraternal with each other.

    In terms of meeting, that is something I will bring up with the other branch members and get back to you, as with both that and the issue of the split I don’t want to comment on out of turn.

    Therefore I will get back to you on the issues raised and personally express my support for a united left based on a principled unity and value your comments above.


    Ewan, Aberdeen SSP

  6. Dave Watt (SCND) Says:

    Scottish Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament are holding an Elections Hustings on Friday 30th April at 7.30 to which the candidates from the various parties standing in Aberdeen North have been invited and I was asked to contact yourselves. The venue will be either the Arts Centre or Peacocks Print. Previous hustings of this type have usually generated an audience of around 40-50 people with a certain amount of press coverage. Bearing in mind the SSP’s policy on nuclear weapons and the party’s anti-war stance the audience should be largely positive and if any SSP members wish to come along they will be welcome.
    Could you get back to me on this as soon as is convenient so we can firm up the organisation.

  7. Lois Says:


    I would like to come along to the meeting on the 10th but I have never been to one before. Is it ok to turn up and listen in?


  8. CelticEwan Says:

    Dear Lois,

    I will confirm this over the next day or so, but we will likely be holding our next open meeting a week on Wednesday (19th). There are several people also interested in joining, so there could be a few of you who are new, and of course it is fine to turn up and see how you find it. We will announce our next meeting in the ‘branch meetings’ page on the website, as well as our facebook page (link in the contact section of the website).



  9. Brett Harper Says:

    Hi Ewan,

    I wonder if you could get in touch. I would like to come along and discuss local issues with your group.
    I was speaking to Gordon one of your members today at a demo against the city council cuts to wages.

    look forwards to hearing from you!


  10. CelticEwan Says:

    Hi Brett,

    That sounds great Brett, I’ll send you a proper message as a reply over the next day or so, however just to let you know that your message was received and I would certainly be up for that.

  11. Emma Joy Bicknell Says:

    Hey…unluckily, I found this group a little too late, but this was actually exactly what i was looking for, just well- seems you’ve already had a meeting on the 26th of October? when is the next one sheduled for?

    hopefully soon?
    and sorry for writing this as a reply, wasn’t sure where to ask…this looked so nice and open and visible.

    well, hope I’ll get the chance to attend one of your meetings and find out about you guys!

    Ciao for Now,

    Emma Joy

  12. CelticEwan Says:

    Hi Emma,

    No problem writing a reply here, I actually quite like the way its turned into a sort of virtual notice board! The next meeting (see above) is on Wednesday 17 November, 7.30pm, Belmont cinema cafe. You can also keep in contact with us via our Aberdeen SSP facebook, the link is on our contact page on this site.

    Hopefully see you soon!


  13. CelticEwan Says:

    Hi Emma,

    Actually, just to let you know the meeting this coming week willl be on Tuesday, not Wednesday!


  14. Sye Says:

    meeting on the 30th novemeber CANCELLED due to adverse weather. RESCHEDULED to 7TH DECEMBER (next week!)


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