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Aberdeen SSP Public Meetings: End the Occupation of Afghanistan

Posted by CelticEwan on 30th January 2010

Aberdeen SSP are holding two major public meetings on why we must end the occupation of Afghanistan. Everyone in the general public is welcome to attend. The meetings will involve speeches from the speakers, followed by questions and discussion involving the audience. Details, poster and press release are included below. If you have any queries regarding these meetings, please contact us, our details are on the contact page of this site.


Aberdeen SSP Public Meetings
End the Occupation of Afghanistan

Wednesday 17th February

Meeting 1: Aberdeen University, NK10, 2pm
Speakers: John McAllion (former Labour  MP, MSP) Joan Humphrys (Military Families Against the War)

Meeting 2: Aberdeen Trades Council Social Club (Adelphie Lane), 7.30pm
Speakers: Colin Fox (former MSP, SSP national co-spokesperson), Mohammed Asif (Chair, Scottish Afghan Society)


The continuation of the war in Afghanistan is an indictment of our democracy, says Colin Fox, leader of the Scottish Socialist Party. “None of the parties supposedly representing us at Holyrood oppose this war,” said Fox, “at a time when over 70% of the population believe we should not be in Afghanistan”

Fox’s comments come ahead of a day of meetings and discussion in Aberdeen, organised by the city’s SSP branch. An afternoon meeting, with guest speakers former MSP John McAllion and Joan Humphreys, will be followed by an evening meeting with Fox and the Scottish Afghan Society leader Mohammad Asif. Humphries recently joined the Scottish Socialist Party, to much publicity, after her grandson Kevin Elliot was killed in Afghanistan.

John McAllion echoes Fox’s comments on democracy, saying “”The anti-war voice on Afghanistan has been effectively silenced in Westminster and in Holyrood by the British establishment’s cynical exploitation of the real sacrifices of young soldiers to rally support for a war which in reality is based on a tissue of establishment lies. ”

Fox emphasises that the SSP is the only party that has continuously opposed the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, saying “Britain has been occupying Afghanistan for the past 8 years. Tony Blair said the invasion in 2001 was in retaliation for the 9/11 bombing. We know now, as he knew then, that not one single Afghan was involved in those heinous attacks. Afghanistan has never threatened us yet some 50,000 innocent Afghan civilians have been killed as a result of our invasion. The latest poll, conducted for The Washington Post, shows that 80% of Afghans want British and American forces to leave their country. Here in Britain three quarters of us want the troops to be withdrawn”

Joan Humphreys said “the war in which my grandson was killed is an immoral and unnecessary conflict”, she made clear that although her personal experience obviously had a huge impact on her, this feeling is wider than her own family connection to the conflict.

Aberdeen SSP Secretary Ewan Robertson said he is looking forward to the day of meetings as an opportunity for dialogue and discussion, adding “What makes these major public meetings so important is that it gives the general public a chance to learn about the brutal realities of British involvement in Afghanistan from those who have lost loved ones on both sides, as well as the  political analysis of experienced and principled politicians.” McAllion adds “The truth about Afghanistan rarely surfaces in the mainstream media, making anti-war meetings like this all the more important for the citizens of what is still supposed to be a democracy.”

When: Wednesday 17 February, 2pm, Aberdeen University New Kings 10, and 7.30pm, Trades Union Social Club, Adelphi (off Union Street).



Press Contact Sarah Campbell, Aberdeen SSP Press Officer

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Next Branch Meeting

Posted by CelticEwan on 23rd January 2010

The next Branch meeting of the Aberdeen SSP is being held in Aberdeen Trades Council Social Club, on Adelphi lane (the wee lane just off Union Street, near Costcutters), from 7.00pm. If you’re interested in the SSP, and want to discuss Afghanistan, the up and coming 2010 General election, or anything else, then please let us know if you’de like to come along.

For the google map: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps/place?sourceid=navclient&rlz=1T4DVXA_enGB314GB243&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=aberdeen+trades+council+social+club&fb=1&gl=uk&hq=trades+council+social+club&hnear=aberdeen&cid=9198887716327302110

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SSP Aberdeen leafleting on Afghanistan: 19/12/09

Posted by CelticEwan on 20th December 2009


Members of the SSP Aberdeen branch were again out leafleting and campaigning (again in terrible weather!) to get troops in Afghanistan brough home and an end brought to this pointless, destructive war.

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Time for Peace

Posted by CelticEwan on 14th December 2009


Obama Wins Peace Prize - Frank Boyle

Obama Wins Peace Prize - Frank Boyle

Frank Boyle, cartoonist at the Edinburgh Evening News, has responded to an SSP appeal for contributions to our campaign against the occupation of Afghanistan with the graphic that illustrates this article. The cartoon by Frank Boyle and article by Ken Andrew offer sharp analysis of the current  propaganda struggle by the British establishment, which we can witness daily in the news, which is attempting to reverse the waning support for the British occupation of Afghanistan. The link below is to the article on the main SSP website. http://www.scottishsocialistparty.org/new_stories/issues/time-for-peace.html

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Grandmother of Dundee soldier killed in Afghanistan joins SSP

Posted by CelticEwan on 6th December 2009

See the main SSP website for details, including the Scotsman report: http://www.scottishsocialistparty.org/index.html

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SSP Aberdeen: Afghanistan Stall Saturday 5/12/09

Posted by CelticEwan on 6th December 2009

SSP Aberdeen was out in force yesterday, braving the rain to campaign against the brutal occupation of Afghanistan. Despite the weather (we managed to find a nice wee spot next to the paper seller outside the St. Nicholas centre!) we ran out of leaflets very quickly, as well as getting a good number of names for our petition to bring the troops home. I think it just goes to show the strength of feeling against this war, and I was pround to be out trying to turn the tide on the issue: no more should Scottish (and British) troops be sent by corrupt politicians to terrorise other lands for their own, private interests.

In fact, I was reading Colin Fox’s blog earlier, and he quotes a key verse from Hamish Henderson’s ‘freedom come all ye’ which is worth repeating here:

‘Nae mair will our bonnie callants
Merch tae war when our braggarts crousely craw
Nor wee weans fae pithead and clachan
Mourn the ships sailin doun the Broomielaw
Broken families in lands we’ve harriet
Will curse ‘Scotland the Brave’ nae mair, nae mair
Black and white ane-til-ither marriet
Mak the vile barracks o their maisters bare’

To realise the above sentiments, we will be out on the streets as often as possible to campaign on this issue, and we also plan to hold further public meetings to raise awareness and increase pressure on the establishment.

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