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General Election 2010


Notice of Hustings:

Aberdeen SSP will be represented at the following two hustings which are coming up next week. The tickets for the Thursday hustings are already pre-allocated, however the Friday hustings are open to the public, so come along on the Friday if you want to support us and hear what we have to say.

1) Thursday 29 April, Aberdeen College (Gallowgate), 6pm (refreshments from 5pm).
     All tickets already pre- allocated and so this event is full.

2) Friday 30 April, Quaker Meeting House, Crown Street, (Organsed by the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), 7.30pm. Audience: Open to the public.

SSP Aberdeen North Election Campaign: Candidate Ewan Robertson

The Aberdeen SSP branch is standing secretary Ewan Robertson, a postgraduate student at Aberdeen University, as a candidate in the General election in the Aberdeen North constituency. You can see  our manifesto below and follow our campaign on this website and our facebook, as well as follow the General election campaign of the Scottish Socialist Party as a whole, who are standing 10 candidates across Scotland, on the main SSP website.  Our central campaigning themes are, firstly, opposition to any cuts to public services, including cuts to education, instead arguing that the bankers and bosses can pay for their economic crisis. Instead, with progressive taxation policies, cutting defence spending and scrapping Trident, among other measures, we can in fact improve  health and education provision, reduce poverty, redistribute wealth and improve standards of living for all. Secondly, we will call for the withdrawal of British troops from Afghanistan and an end to the destructive and immoral occupation of that country. Finally, we resolutely oppose the possible  use of Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs) to evict the residents from the Menie estate to make way for Donald Trump’s elite golf course.

Overall, we will be putting forward the case for real, participatory democracy in both political and economic planning, reversing the policies of New Labour and the Tories by redistributing  wealth from the super-rich to the rest of society and eradicating poverty, and arguing for a modern, inclusive democratic republic in Scotland, stating our belief that another world is possible and stating the case for socialism in the 21st century: for people, not profit.

If you agree with the above sentiments, then now is the time to join us and help out with our campaign. Details of up and coming meetings and chances to get involved will be updated.

As a warm up to the election, Aberdeen University Students Association (AUSA) organised a “Question Time” hustings on Friday 12 March, with representatives from various parties who intend to stand in the Aberdeen area in the election. Below are a couple of photos, including AUSA President Robin Parker (right) and Ewan Robertson posing after Ewan signed a pledge that if elected, he will resist and vote against any policy to increase tuition fees for students in the next parliament. At the top is some members of the Aberdeen SSP branch standing outside on Aberdeen University campus with our (still a work in progress!) banner, and the bottom photo is from late March 2010 of Ewan holding up the key demands put forward by protesting students at Aberdeen University during a student occupation, in an effort to safegaurd higher education from cuts and privatisation.

SSP Manifesto: For an independent socialist scotland


No cuts, no wars, for an end to corruption

On May 6th voters will be offered a dismal choice of cuts, sackings and wars by  politicians  tainted by corruption, duck houses and other expenses fiddling.

All three Westminster parties are in a race to see who can make the deepest cuts while the SNP wring their hands and blame London.

They all recommend cuts to vital public services which will hit the most vulnerable hardest and directly threaten the jobs of 100,000 Scottish workers.

In contrast the unequivocal message from the Scottish Socialist Party is that there is an alternative which avoids cuts and insists instead that the greedy pay for the disaster they created, that also ends our involvement in the Afghan war and offers jobs and justice not misery and war.

This belief is reflected in our programme for a Scotland which aims to meet peoples’ needs, not pander to the rich, for people not profit.

100,000 jobs Are directly threatened by the cuts promised by the Westminster parties and vital services for our most vulnerable citizens will go.
We say that faced with such a threat words are not enough—action is needed. Scotland needs nothing less than a resistance movement of mass peaceful protest on the scale of that which defeated the poll tax. We will bring all the experience of the SSP to build such a movement.

Jobs for youth

The spectre of mass unemployment has returned twenty years after Margaret Thatcher was ejected from office. Many communities in Scotland are still suffering from the legacy of the 1980s with the poverty, heroin addiction, alcohol abuse and crime that goes with this chronic joblessness.
Today the SSP says: ‘Mass unemployment No More’. Instead of slashing Scotland’s budget, the SSP will fight for emergency funding to protect our young people from becoming another wasted generation.

Let’s Get Out of Afghanistan

This is a senseless military occupation  which damages Britain’s international reputation and does nothing to make the world a safer place. We are occupying a country that doesn’t want us to be there. More than 50,000 innocent Afghan civilians have been killed. Some 280 British soldiers have also died. All the polling evidence suggests that 70% of the population here want our armed services withdrawn. The Scottish Socialist Party gives voice to that majority.

Clean up the Westminster ‘midden’

In just 12 months Westminster has gone from ‘the mother of parliaments’ to ‘the mother of all corruption’.
The public has watched open mouthed as MPs attempt to justify obscene expenses claims  which would get an ordinary worker sacked. MP’s have repeatedly shown how they are all out of touch with the people they pretend to represent.
For the SSP the answer is simple and it is to end the circumstances where becoming an MP brings a huge salary and expenses. We have long argued that MP’s should live on the wage of those they represent. Our MSPs did just that at Holyrood thus keeping them in touch with the real lives of voters.

For a Green, Socialist Republic

The Scottish Socialist Party is a pro-independence party – no ifs, buts or maybes. We say Yes to an independence referendum and Yes to independence
We will work with other pro-independence parties to deliver a resounding referendum YES vote.
Beyond that, we stand for an independent socialist republic where the wealth is fairly distributed; where protection of the environment is paramount.
Such a republic would  prioritise the needs of people over profit and our environment over the greed of profiteers.
The development of our colossal natural resources would be publicly owned to ensure the skilled jobs required are based in Scotland and the profits generated used to provide services not multinational profit
All citizens would be equal irrespective of gender, race, religion or sexuality in a country where the economy is no longer driven by greed and profit.

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