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Free Public Transport

Campaign for free public transport

An “audacious, eye-catching idea”: Douglas Fraser, Political Editor, The Herald
Read the Herald article>>
Colin Fox in the Sunday Herald>>

Campaigning for a locally-owned, democratically run, free public transport service is one of the SSP’s key policies for a greener, fairer Scotland. To access the links on this page and read the full arguments for and against the policy, read the article on the main SSP website: http://www.scottishsocialistparty.org/transport/index.html

Represents a major shift of wealth in favour of the many thousands of people who currently pay sky-high fares to subsidise the transport privateers.
Boosting public transport through free travel is a concrete means of tackling global warming, rather than just uttering worthy words.

Phase one of the SSP’s transport policy would involve the reregulation of all Scottish bus operators, giving the Scottish Parliament powers over routes and fares.
Phase two would establish a publicly owned bus group, which would include a national bus company running major routes, plus eight regional companies covering the Highlands and Islands, Grampian, Tayside, Fife, Strathclyde, Lothian and Borders, Central Scotland and South-West Scotland.
Phase three would abolish all bus, underground and foot passenger ferry fares, accompanied by an expansion of services to meet demand.
Phase four would establish a Scottish National Rail Company, with the transfer of the Scotrail franchise to the new publicly owned company when the franchise expires in 2011. The rail system would then become fare free.

Read Alan McCombes’s pamphlet ‘Reclaim our railways’ (PDF file) here>>


Policy Details

The case for free public transport and how it would be phased in

Funding free public transport

Why NOT free public transport ?

Free public transport – an idea whose time has come

Read the full debate Colin Fox secured in the Scottish Parliament on transport in Edinburgh here>>

Edinburgh Evening News article>>

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